We look for ridiculously talented, driven and passionate people that love the idea of working hard to create massively successful tech products. We’re nice people looking for nice people, so we kindly leave smart-asses and divas at the door.


We think working at Creo will be one of the highlights of our lives. Nothing to do with the average professional experience.

Here’s why we think its so special.

  • Work on great products

    Our apps are used and loved by millions of people all around the world, and generate revenues of millions of dollars. Your ideas and work directly affect users and matter big time.

  • Work with exceptional people

    Our incredibly selective hiring process ensures only extraordinary talents join Creo. Working alongside these amazing people will inspire you to give your best every day, and you’ll learn a ton from them.

  • Solve hard problems

    Our success is very hard-earned. You’ll be tested and challenged to go beyond your limits. You’ll face some of the toughest business and technological challenges in a group where good isn't good enough.

  • Grow at 360 degrees

    We want you to grow exceptionally fast. If you put in the hard work and persistence that it takes, we’ll be there to help with continuous on-the-job coaching, and by exposing you to a wide variety of challenges.

  • Go on Vacation

    Get the job done and take a vacation. We want our team to focus on results, not counting hours.

  • Health benefits

    Full health coverage for you and your family. Your health is important to us.

  • Fully stocked kitchen

    All the drinks and snacks you can handle.


Since 2010, we’ve been working hard to bring ideas to life with bespoke mobile products for like minded clients. Through our work we’ve demonstrated, time and time again, that we see what others cannot.

Work with great companies

We partner with companies of the same wavelength to create products that have lasting impact.

Learn & grow

We’re always pushing the limits of what we learn and how we can help our clients grow.

Work/life balance

We’re here to do world class work, but we also want you to live a life outside the office.

Can you succeed where 99% of applicants have failed?

To ensure our team is and stays wonderfully talented, we’re obsessively selective during our evaluation process. We look for brilliance, drive and passion.


Creo was founded in 2010 in Bangalore, a city we call home.

  • Young & multi cultural

    Home to hundreds of major universities. Bangalore synergises with friendly young people meeting up for easygoing activities or wild nightlife, so socializing couldn't be easier.

  • Delicious food

    With some of the best food to offer across any cuisine you can imagine, we really are spoilt for choice. With the added convenience of home delivery apps, you won't lose weight around here.

  • Technology & innovation hub

    India’s silicon valley. Home to many tech startups, tech giants, host hackathons, and features tech perks like online grocery delivery, car sharing, and more.

  • Connected

    When you feel like a getaway, forests, history & the hills - all a short drive away.



Currently None, Stay Tuned!