Clock IT

Clock IT

Modern Nightstand Music Alarm

Transform your device into a functional and elegant nightstand alarm clock! Better yet on your favourite dock.
Clock IT ranked among Top 10 utility apps in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Malaysia, India and 18 more countries. – July 2013


– Music alarms – choose any track from your music library as your wake up sound
– Eight elegant themes – Moderno, Carbon, Scarlet, Azure, Harmony, Sunshine, Aurora, Xmas
– Unlimited alarms featuring ten different alarm tones, personalised labels & repeat alarm options
– Snooze feature with a countdown showing how much snooze time left
– Energy efficient – screen turns off when device is kept face down
– Alarm icon indicates alarm is ON/OFF
– Gorgeous custom designed weather icons showcasing current weather conditions updated hourly
– Gently fade in alarms
– Current location
– Current day of week
– 12 or 24-hour time format
– Weather on/off (turn off to disconnect app from the internet)
– Temperature in degrees C or F
– Set screen auto-lock on/off
– Designed for efficiency – low battery consumption
– Swipe to control brightness
– Automatic portrait & landscape modes
– HD Retina resolution
– 64 bit devices supported

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